On 3 December 2019, we met the guests of the Fondazione Sacra Famiglia in Inzago, a residential structure hosting disabled and terminally ill patients. It wasn’t our first visit, but moments like these are always extremely moving.

We started out with a simple idea: to donate some of our time, giving and receiving a smile! Then we called on two professionals who helped us add value to this initiative: Roberto Di Bitonto, a musician who plays several instruments, and Paola Scalas, theatre director and technician… they brought along instruments, skills and a Loop Station and we just brought ourselves.

The result? A melody created one note at a time along a path packed with emotions. An unforgettable day, that came after another 4 events that saw 92% spontaneous participation, more than 250 hours of volunteering, and 2 hoists donated through the Idex Foundation.

Because the most precious thing of all is always people.

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