Bedu Pompen B.V. has developed a wall mounted “plug&play” mixing unit specific for the automotive market, suitable for garage companies, cars or trucks repair shops, or even car or truck factories.

With this automotive mixing unit you can mix antifreeze, coolant or windshield washer concentrate in the ratio you want and fill up your vehicle using a nozzle. The liquids are mixed through the OBL Blackline 2M421 PP SV mechanical diaphragm meetering pump with two polypropylene pump heads.

When you connect the water supply to the unit, put the suction lance into the IBC container or barrel with concentrate, connect the unit to your piping network or hose reel and connect the unit to 400 Volt 3 phase electrical power supply via the CEE 16 Amp plug, the set is ready for use.
By means of rotary knobs with a micrometer scale on the pump, the mixing ratio can easily be manually adjusted. Ratio possible from 1:5 through 5:1.
The cabinet contains a small water reservoir and a pressure vessel with a pressure switch, so If you open the nozzle, the liquid will automatically come and when you close the nozzle again, the mixing pump will automatically stop.

The suction lance that hangs in the concentrate has a low-level signal so that you can immediately see via the red alarm light on the cabinet door when you need to change the concentrate container. Furthermore on the cabinet door there are a second red alarm light indicating the water reservoir is empty, a green light indicating the motor of the pump is running, a main switch to turn the mixing unit on or off and a pressure gauge for the pressure vessel.

The mixing unit is completely build in our own workshop and tested before shipment.





Technical specifications:

– OBL Blackline 2M421 dosing pump
– 0,37kW – 400V – 3-phase – 50Hz
– Max. 14 l/min
– Max. 5 bar
– Pumps’ materials: aluminum body, Polypropilene pump heads, PTFE diaphragms
– Manufactured in accordance with 2006/42/EC; 2014/35/EU; 2014/30/EU

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