The combination of unmatched metering accuracy, robustness and reduced footprint make the L X9 hydraulic double-diaphragm pump the ideal solution for a wide spectrum of industrial dosing processes. The positive return mechanism (lost motion) grants a high reliability and durability, while the built-in safety and purge valve allow for a constant suction lift and chemical dosing under any working condition. Allowing for a multi-head configuration to match any dosing need, the L X9 pumps include a diaphragm rupture detection system, and comply in full with API675 and ATEX 2014/34/UE standards.


  • Flow rate from 0,4 to 3.730 l/h (0,1 to 820 gph)
  • Working pressure up to 300 barg or 4.350 psi
  • Chemical resistant coated cast iron enclosure
  • AISI 316, PVC, PVDF, HAST C liquid end
  • Manual stroke length adjustment, electronic actuator available
  • Built-in relief valve, air purge valve and self-replenishing hydraulic system
  • Built-in diaphragm rupture detection system
  • Steady-state accuracy ±1%, linearity ±3%, repeatability ±3%
  • API675 and ATEX 2014/34/UE compliant


Water Treatment
Waste Water
& Petrochemical


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