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Accessories and genuine parts


Whether you need assistance to identify the right solution that suites your needs, or to expedite an order, or again to ask for a quotation, call our sales engineers team to get the right advice


Need to prime a new pump, calibrate an electric actuator or getting your OBL pump back to work? Out after sales experts will help you solving your troubles in a timely manner.


Let us show you how easy it is to repair your pump with detailed service videos that teach you how to correctly maintain your OBL pump. Follow the advice of our experienced team.

Accessories and Genuine Parts

OBL offers a wide range of accessories to complement the installation, including pressure safety valves, calibration columns, electric actuators and pulsation dampeners among others. Log in to COMPASS or contact the sales representative nearest you to find out more.


A complete range of genuine parts fulfilling stringent quality controls to ensure efficient service of your OBL pumps.

KOPKits – Keep On Pumping

Designed to guard against unnecessary downtime and assure you the highest level of service from your pump.